I believe in academia and the long-term value that good courses and motivated instructors can bring to serious students.

In terms of teaching style, I use organized power point presentations that cover most of the materials, for the students’ convenience. I am a highly interactive teacher, encouraging class discussions even in standard core courses. Connecting to “current affairs” is an essential in teaching economics and business students.

Up to joining CIIM (in January 2022), I recently taught in Ben-Gurion University (at the Economics department and at the Guilford Glaser Faculty of Business and Management) and in Tel-Aviv university (Coller school of Management).

My menu of courses includes the next items:

    • Behavioral Finance (a regular course or a seminar; undergrad/MBA)
    • Investments (MBA)
    • Asset Pricing and Arbitrage Strategies (elective)
    • Rationality and behavior in Games (MBA)
    • International Finance (MBA)
    • Introduction to Economics (undergrad/MBA)