I hold a PhD in Business Economics from Stanford University Graduate School of Business, an MSc in Operations Research (with excellence) from Tel-Aviv University Management School, and a BA in Economics and Accounting from Tel-Aviv university. My research spreads over diverse topics including the possibility of trading, learning in games, experimental studies of individual preferences, and arbitrage experiments where we analyze the stock picking skills of semi-professional participants in light of familiar asset pricing models. My main current research topic is the financial decision of private investors. In recent projects, my coauthors and I use framed-field experiments and surveys to explore the decision patterns of finance students and professionals. The data is analyzed in light of formal models of choice under uncertainty and hypotheses stemming from the finance and the psychology of decision-making literatures. In particular, my recent projects explore the valuation of retail-oriented structured investment instruments and issues related to forecast-confidence, overconfidence and trading propensity. I have joined Cyprus International Institute of Management (CIIM) in January 2022.